Giri UK

Our story

Shivayaa is proud and excited to bring a wide selection from the vast range of GIRI products to the Indian diaspora within the UK and across Europe. GIRI is well known for all day to day puja requirements as well as your occasional spiritual needs. Visit for all your puja shopping.

VISION – GIRI UK’s Vision is to be a Premier Organization, Spreading Indian Culture & Tradition, firmly anchored to Value based living, with a view to enhance and impact the overall spiritual experience & Holistic growth of its patrons globally.

MISSION – GIRI UKs Mission is to Provide Opportunities to millions across the globe who have faith in Sanaathana Dharma by equipping them with products & services, through every possible modern resource.

VALUES – Devotion | Compassion | Righteous Speech | Dedication | Love | Faith | Humility | Commitment | Sacrifice | Service | Honesty | Belief | Co-Operation | Truth | Opportunity | Enterprise | Initiative | Teamwork | Integrity | Peace | Leadership | Tradition & Culture | Mutual Respect | Simple living | Discipline | Ethical Living | Harmony